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Petrol and diesel are made from unprocessed crude oil known as petroleum. Crude oil is a fossil fuel and one day it will run out since its supply is limited. Currently, the majority of the motor vehicles worldwide are powered by petrol or diesel. As such fuels are created from crude oil, their future looks quite bleak. It is high time to find out alternative energy resources to fuel our cars. In one such initiative, Raees Markani, a car mechanic from the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh has developed a car that runs on water!

“A Car that Runs on Water!”

Yes, you saw it absolutely right. We just mentioned about a car that runs on water. Raees Markani has made a car that runs on acetylene gas formed from a chemical reaction between calcium carbide and water. Raees claims that his technological innovation cuts down the fuel cost significantly and would cost about Rs. 10 – Rs. 15 a litre. The car can also travel at a speed of 50-60 km/hr. Moreover, this car is also environmental friendly.

Raees Markani, Water Car, A car that runs on water

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The technology used by Raees Markani

Mohammad Raees Markani is a 44-year-old car mechanic from Sagar, a small city of Madhya Pradesh. Raees who is in this trade for almost 15 years now, has been modifying an 800 cc car engine for the last five years. Last year, he made a scientific breakthrough after he managed to power up the 800 cc engine with a fuel formed from water and carbides. The chemical reaction between calcium carbide and water generates acetylene gas which is widely used for several industrial purposes such as welding and portable lighting for miners. Raees Markani used this to propel the engines. He made some other changes in the engines to boost up the performance of the cars.

“This idea struck my mind while I was gas welding a part of my car in my workshop many years ago. But I did not know how to go about it. Somehow, I made a start and it took five years to make this efficient engine,” Raees said.

This invention would come as a major relief to Indians who spend around Rs. 70 a litre on petrol.

“The market for environmentally friendly cars is getting bigger and automobile companies around the world are looking for eco-friendly ways to reduce pollution. So a car like mine can be a good alternative. It costs close to nothing to operate and it is environment-friendly,” Raees stated.

Raees Markani, Water Car, A car that runs on water

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Raees Markani now holds a patent for his Water Car

Raees Markani now holds a patent for his eco-friendly car. His car is popular by the name Water Car. Several car makers from China approached him to work for them and develop the idea further. However, Raees turned down all such offers since none of them were interested in his one condition – to set up a manufacturing unit in his hometown.

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Recent Developments

Raees has also developed a technology that enables him to control his car remotely. And, he can do this by using a few buttons of a simple mobile phone!

Raees Markani now has a plan to devise a technology that would equip his car to run even on water bodies. He has also started working on this project and we are quite sure that the plan of this talented person would soon become a reality!

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