This handicapped lady once made 6 Lakhs INR in a single day by trading, her story is inspiring for many other reasons 4

Last evening I was invited at a friend’s house over a tea party where some of my other friends were also present. We were discussing several topics. At one point of time we were talking about the personalities who serve as inspiration for many of us. One of my friends present there is into trading profession. I asked him whether he is aware of the Sujata Burla story. He said no. My other friends also had no knowledge about her. Like my friends, many of us don’t know about Sujata Burla. So, I decided to write about her.

Sujata Burla has achieved a lot in her life. The achievements are much big because she had to overcome many challenges to earn them. In this article, we are sharing the inspiring story of Sujata Burla. We hope this story will inspire many of you and give strength to overcome your own challenges!

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Early days as a Photographer

Sujata Burla was born in Bellampalli, a small town of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Since her childhood days she used to love photography and eventually took it up as her career at a young age of 18! Her determination and love for photography brought her quick success in this creative field and Sujata’s life was full of happenings.

The fatal accident

Things changed since June 09, 2001 when Sujata’s car met with an accident when she and her friends was on a pilgrimage tour to Shirdi. The accident injured her spinal cord badly and it left her Semi-Quadriplegic. She lost sensation and power below her neck. After few months of medical treatment, doctors told her that she could never walk again in life. It was a big shock for young Sujata who was only 21 then. Her friends soon abandoned her and she was left alone.

Sujata Burla gaining financial independence by Trading stocks

It was highly depressing for Sujata but she decided to face the circumstances. With strong determination she chose to become financially independent. She developed interest in stock market and started trading. It was a profession which she could pursue even while being bedridden. She learnt the nuances of stock market trading and started working with a laptop. Trading stocks was something which gave her financial independence. She made good amount of money and was earning about Rs.2,50,000 every month in 2007. On September 19, 2007 Sujata made Rs.6,00,000 in a single day!

“I made mistakes initially, but then I learnt. The most important thing in investing is to revisit your wrong trades,” says Sujata Burla.


Sujata Burla at present

At present, Sujata has stopped trading. She now owns an investment house. She also runs a NGO called “Shraddha” whose primary objective is to create awareness related to spinal injuries and how to cope with life while being bedridden. This platform also helps many disabled persons find jobs. Apart from all these Sujata is also a successful anchor and motivational speaker. Many renowned institutions invite her to hear her inspiring story.

Sujata Burla’s extraordinarily successful fight against disability is truly inspirational.

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