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Trupti Aditya Prabhu started her journey as a home baker in May 2014 after she gave birth to her second child. Before launching her own bakery Trupti’s Home Bakes, she had a career spanning almost ten years in the field of behavioural skills training and consultancy. For Trupti baking is her passion and to take up baking as her profession is the best decision she has ever taken!

Today, Trupti Aditya Prabhu, the founder of Trupti’s Home Bakes joins us in this interview session to share her inspiring story!

Hi Trupti, glad to have you with us today in this session at conflatingVisions. To begin with, we would like you to say a few lines about you.

Hi. I’m Trupti Prabhu. Born and brought up in Amchi Mumbai now settled in the beautiful city of Bangalore. By profession, I am a behavioural skills trainer and consultant with around ten years of work experience. After the birth of my second child, I took a career break to become a full-time homemaker. Baking is something I have been doing since my teens and now I have made this passion into my profession.

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What inspired you to start baking?

Like I said baking was something that I enjoyed doing! I started baking for friends and family. My kids loved my baking. Every birthday I would make cakes based on cartoon characters or shows that they loved and the look on their faces was priceless. The satisfaction of creating something special and making a special occasion even more special was something else! That was my driving force for making baking my profession. It is well said that do something you love to do and you will never work a day in your life!

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Tell us about your venture Trupti’s Home Bakes.

Trupti’s Home Bakes is a home based bakery that specializes in eggless bakes. We customize cakes, cupcakes and other desserts based on the customer’s requirements. Our advantage is that we use the finest and fresh ingredients and we add no preservatives. Since our focus is on customization, you won’t find such cakes in any local bakery or cake shop.

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What are your signature items?

Well in terms of flavours our hot selling cakes are “Death by Chocolate”, “Red Velvet” and “Chocolate Marble”. In desserts, customers love Tiramisu and Cheesecakes.

How important is creativity in this baking business?

I believe that creativity is what sets you apart from the others in the business. If you as an entrepreneur are not creative, then your business curve is definitely headed downwards.

With the rise in the number of bakeries and home bakers, it is necessary for one to innovate and be different!

How do you keep your creativities refreshing every time?

When a client approaches me for a cake order, we have a short brain storming session to understand how best to customize the cake. I usually try to create different designs with every cake. And that’s why if you visit my facebook page you will notice that no two cake designs are the same.

I always make time to go online and upgrade my skills. I love the challenge of trying something that I have never made before and my clients always support me and allow me to experiment. That’s the trust they have in me!

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Narrate some of your success stories.

My first bake sale after starting Trupti’s Home Bakes was a super success. We sold around 100 cupcakes and 35 cake pops in a span of 5 hours! This was a real challenging task, but I loved every moment of it. We had not anticipated such a response in fact in the first 2 hours I was sold out. Then I baked some more cupcakes and decorated them at the counter in front of the customers. This would not have been possible without the support of my family members.

What are your plans for growth?

Apart from taking orders for customized cakes, Trupti’s Home Bakes will start conducting baking classes for adults and children.

How do you go about promoting Trupti’s Home Bakes?

I believe the best way to expand this business is by way of word of mouth marketing and that’s how I have been getting orders till date. Besides that, I have a facebook page where I post pictures of my bakes and my clients give us their reviews and feedback. I also occasionally participate in exhibitions to display and sell my bakes.

What is the most challenging part in this baking business?

I believe that the most challenging part in the baking business is the pricing! People compare prices to a local bakery or cake shop. Especially in Bangalore, there are lots of bakeries selling cakes at really low prices and hence lots of people feel that it is over priced.

How do you overcome it?

Well, I think that over a period of time this will not be a challenge. The customized bakes segment is still niche in India and is slowly picking up. Making a customized cake takes lots of time and effort. One needs to understand that there is always a price attached to customization and quality. I think that customers who appreciate and understand this are willing to pay the price.

If not baking, what do you think you would be doing?

Honestly, I don’t see myself doing anything besides baking. It’s my passion, my stress buster and I don’t feel like it’s work when I’m baking even if it means working longer hours and getting less sleep!

And, one last question of this session, if you have had one wish.

As a home baker, one does not have a regular 9-5 kinda job. Maintaining a work-life balance sometimes become challenging. I wish to be successful in my endeavour and hope to utilize my talent in making people happy!

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