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Mira’s Dial A Cake is a customized cake studio specializing in custom cakes, cupcakes and cookies. This Bangalore-based cake studio was founded in the year 2012 by Mridula Hastu. In these four years of journey, Mira’s Dial A Cake has received lots of appreciation from its customers. For Mridula, each word of appreciation is a success story which motivates them to move ahead. Mridula now plans to expand to other cities of the country. Today, in this session, Mridula is here with us to share her story with conflatingVisions.

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Hi Mridula, welcome to our platform conflatingVisions. Would request you to say a few lines about you.

I am an economist by education, a teacher by choice, I love teaching and interacting with kids. Cakes are my passion and for last 4 years I have been dreaming, thinking, talking, making and enjoying every moment of it specially when clients smile, call up and say thank you “you made our day special”, email or Whatsapp to say my son, daughter, friend, parents, wife, husband, boss, colleagues “loved the cake” cakes. My moto is make few cakes but make them tell the story our clients want to tell their loved ones. Smile on our client’s face is our primary reward.

What inspired you to bake?

While attending birthday parties of my friends and relations I used to wonder why only round, square and rectangular cakes why not creative shaped and nicely finished cakes like you get in other countries. The internet and TV programs on cakes inspired me to tryout and make cakes differently. In my previous incarnation I was a painter loved to make paintings on different mediums, the experience and passion for creating beautiful oil, water, board, Tanjore paintings helped me to have a deeper perception of emotional expressions, creativity, patience and eye for detailing. This experience is a great asset the customized cakes requiring emotional storytelling and designing and detailing.

Tell us about your venture Mira’s Dial A Cake.

Started in 2012, Mira’s Dial A Cake is a customized cake studio specializing in custom cakes, cupcakes and cookies. In the last four years, there has been a significant increase in demand for these customized products. This can be explained to a large degree by the influence of American TV shows. We have placed ourselves in the niche segment and are known for our creativity, art and high quality of products and service. We use only the finest quality of ingredients and aim for maximum customer satisfaction. Our USP is fresh baked goods delivered to your doorstep across the city and we are based entirely online through our websites and, our Facebook page

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What are your signature items?

Each & every cake we make is our signature item because each one is important for us. Each cake represents us and our ability to translate our customers feelings, ideas and imagination into a beautiful and yummy cake.

How important is creativity in this baking business?

Creativity in view of current market and customer taste is most important. Customers today do not want a square, round or rectangle cake. They want the cake to visually portray the story and/or feelings. The customers are more aware of what is possible in custom cake space and demand higher level of services.

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In what ways are your products creative?

We believe creativity in our cakes comes in three parts. First visual, each cake that we make is customized to client’s imagination and specification. A customer can give us just a theme and some idea about what he/she wants and based on that we try and create the cake that tells the story that our client wants to tell. Second is taste, we have a large variety of flavours, filling, coverings and are constantly working with new flavours, filling and covering options to make offer wider choice to our customers. And third we try to enhance customer interaction experience from design discussions to order placement, payment and delivery.

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dial a cake

Narrate some of your success stories.

For us, each word of appreciation from our clients is a success story for us. When our customers say “Third time in a row you won our hearts”, “Your cake was WOW moment of the party”, “We loved the cake”, “We enjoyed the cake immensely”, “Your cake was show stopper”, “We had an amazing experience interacting with you” and “So many times now you and your team has surprised me with the kind and quality of work u guys are presenting with. U guys are simply amazing. The cakes are not only innovative, great and mind blowing but simply a work of art”, that is our success.

What are your plans for growth?

We are planning to expand in other cities in India. In the 1st phase have our own offices in 4 metros and in 2nd phase work with passionate and enthusiastic bakers with similar philosophy as ours to expand into other cities.

How do you go about promoting Mira’s Dial A Cake?

Our key market promoters are our clients. We have almost 83% customers coming back and referring us to their friends and relatives.

In addition to that, we promote Mira’s Dial A Cake and its products online. We have two websites and one online store. We actively promote ourselves on internet and social media.

And, one last question of this session Mridula, if you have had one wish…

I would like to see creative and passionate Home Bakers in India coming together on a common online platform to leverage each other’s strengths, sharing knowledge and creating visually stunning and yummiest cakes.

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