In Conversation with Aman Rayaguru, Co-Founder of FitMeals

The biggest problem which every one of us faces while staying away from home is having good food at the right times. Nutritional needs vary from person to person. To maintain proper nutrition is a major challenge. And, skipping to stay away from home is not a good option. This is exactly where Hyderabad-based food startup FitMeals is working to fill up the gap. It started journey last year and offers subscription-based low-calorie gourmet meal delivery service that caters food specifically to one’s calorie/nutritional needs. Today, we have Aman Rayaguru, one of the founders of FitMeal with us. He speaks to conflatingVisions and reveals how he and his team is solving a major problem with their startup venture FitMeals.

Hi Aman, welcome to our platform conflatingVisions. To start with we would like you to say a few lines about yourself.

Hi, I am Aman Rayaguru, a British National, a Mathematician and a Nutritionist. Highly motivated, result-oriented sales professional with experience in developing and implementing innovative strategies for sales.


Who are the other founders of FitMeals? Tell us about them.

Apoorva Rao: Digital Marketing/Website development: Apoorva is a graduate in Journalism, she endeavors to deliver high-quality work on time, every time. Due to her broad range of hobbies, she always has a unique way to approach an issue.

Zeeshan Ahmed: Operations Head. Zeeshan is someone who wants to grow constantly and evolve, believes in constantly converting visions into reality. He is a certified nutritionist and also a post graduate in Structural Engineering.


What is FitMeals?

FitMeals is a subscription based low-calorie gourmet meal delivery service that caters food specifically to your calorie/nutritional needs. We cater meals for weight loss / weight gain / sustenance / Diabetic / thyroid etc.

All the meals are well planned in terms of nutrition. 2 meal plans have been created to simplify the concept to the Consumer, Basic Diet Plan (for weight loss and sustenance) and Athletic Meal Plan (For weight/muscle gain).

Various other plans can be customized as required by the client.



What is the working model of your food business?

FitMeals follows a hub-and-spoke model. So if you order from a specific location in Hyderabad, you get served from the kitchen closest to that location. Thus, each customer gets served from a neighborhood kitchen and has fresh food. The kitchens are set up in different locations based on surveys and research done by a team. After the kitchens become operational, locality-specific marketing is done.

What invoked you to start this venture?

The idea came to Zeeshan, who struggled to prepare and eat healthy while he was studying in London. The horrors of staying alone and eating clean in a new city certainly wasn’t an easy task. A problem was hence identified, and as part of the solution, FitMeals was founded. 8 months of research has been put in to collect the recipes/create a business plan and execute it, to add credibility our founders pursued a Diploma in sports and personal Nutrition in London.

FitMeals was launched in September 2015. We aim to make to be a one stop dedicated service to anybody who thrives or is looking to lead a healthy lifestyle.

How much have you invested in FitMeals so far? What were the sources?

FitMeals was founded with 30000$ pulled in by the three of us. As of January 2017, the investment amount is around Rs. 1.1 crores.

Which is the biggest challenge you are facing at present?

Logistics, at the moment we have our own logistics and a chunk of our focus is being diverted in managing logistics, we want to be 100% health food company and focus on nothing but good nutrition / food.

What measures are you planning to take to overcome the challenge?

Considering tying up with local hyperlocal delivery companies.

Tell us about the growth story of FitMeals.

In the last 1 year, FitMeals has grown 10 folds. We presently have 4 kitchens, a health Food Cafe in Hyderabad. We are delivering 2100 meals everyday.

Recently, FitMeals has acquired another Hyderabad-based food tech startup BonAppediet. We are now planning to open an outlet in Mumbai.

And, one last question of this session Aman, if you have had one wish…

I wish man power was easy to manage and I wish if they could see things the way the management does.


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Updated: January 25, 2017

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