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Petdom is an innovative initiative of 7 young entrepreneurs of India. Although the founders come from different professional fields, they share a common interest. All of them are ardent pet lovers. Incepted in September 2015, Petdom is India’s first pet adoption platform which is working with an objective of making pet discovery easy. They bring pets from individuals, animal shelters, ethical breeders and NGOs under one virtual roof and helps in expediting the process of adoption by connecting pet owners with prospective pet adopters. Today, we have with us in this session Abhinav Tyagi, one of the founders of Petdom. He speaks to conflatingVisions and share their inspiring story.


Hi Abhinav, glad to have you among us today in this session at conflatingVisions. To start with we would like you to say a few lines about yourself.

I am a passionate pet lover and an engineer by education. I have completed my graduation in Computer Science from Delhi College of Engineering in 2012 and then worked with companies like Times of India, Carwale in the potential of Product Manager.

Who are the other founders of Petdom? What were you all doing before launching the venture?

Other Founders of Petdom: Udit Agarwal, Neha Khandelwal, Vishal Sharma, Atinder Pal, Rahul Shukhla and Shubhendu Singh.

We are a team of motivated and passionate entrepreneurs/engineers/designer from DCE/NSIT/NIFT, who are pet lovers and dedicated to the cause of finding these pets loving homes in India. The idea grew out of our love for pets and the common belief that every person’s soulmate is unique and so is the pet for them.

We combine our unique experience of working in Product, Business, Design and Technology companies and leverage our skills in making Petdom possible. Working at companies like Times of India, Niffler, Helpchat & Carwale, we know all the various aspects of running a technology company. Being part of large teams for various initiatives right from our college life, we have come to thrive in high­energy environments where moving rapidly is the only norm.


Tell us about Petdom. How does it work?

Petdom is India’s first pet adoption platform; we leverage technology to bring pets from individuals, animal shelters, ethical breeders and NGOs under one virtual roof making their discovery easy and helping in expediting the process of adoption. The interested adopter express their interest in the dog of their choice, the adopter has to fill the adoption form with the details of family and house and then the detail is shared with the pet owner. The pet owner then makes a decision as to whom the dog is to be given to based on the interaction between the owner and adopter and the information available in the adoption form.



How did the idea of creating such a platform evolve in your mind?

I wanted to bring home a four-legged member and the only information available online was on OLX and other Facebook groups with no single online platform wherein you can get information around pets. I also wanted to be able to know more about the pet and to make the right choice as I stay in an apartment, but there was no platform which allowed me to do that.

This motivated me to look for like minded people and the love for technology and pets brought us all together. We decided to build an online platform which will make it easy for pet lover/parent to get home a four-legged family member with all the information around parenting available at one place to ease the discovery of pets resulting in expediting the entire adoption process.

Share the investment details.

We have bootstrapped the business till now. We are launching a crowd-funding campaign in the mid of April and are looking to raise $10,000. We also have commitment from investors and the deal will be closed soon. The money invested by the investor will be utilised in starting the customised subscription boxes for dogs.

What keeps you motivated?

The fear of not losing out. Everyday, every hour, every minute is a challenge and the excitement to beat the challenges keeps us motivated.

What has been the most challenging part of your entrepreneurial journey so far?

Building a team and aligning the team to accomplish the goal of the company. We have gone through the product building phase where everyone was working to build the platform and there was no incentive or pays that we should offer, then too getting the work done was challenging.

How do you overcome it?

Aligning the team to the final goal and discussing every single step that you take and why are you taking it and how it is going to make us reach where we want to. This keeps the entire team motivated and involved.

What are your plans for growth?

We are launching customised subscription boxes for dogs. We want to grow into a platform which will take all the hassle out of pet parenting experience and make the parenting experience convenient and fun.

Your advice to those who want to become entrepreneurs…

I have come across people talking about “Oh you know, I have this idea”. But my take on it is: It’s not the idea that makes an entrepreneur but the ability to identify problem and to the core and then build a product around the problem. If you passionately believe in your solution, it becomes easier to identify the right market for yourself and to work till your solution to the problem is holistic and sustainable.

And one last question of this session Abhinav, if you have had one wish…

Wish to go back into the time and could change things that had gone wrong.


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