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Wonder Abacus started its journey in November 2014 with an objective of developing certain essential skills amongst the children using the abacus system and logical mathematics. It is the brainchild of Sriparna Panda and Koustov Panda. This learning institution presently have 8 centres in Kolkata. Today, in this session, we have with us Sriparna, one of the founders of Wonder Abacus. She speaks to our team and reveals how abacus can be beneficial to children. She also shares her experiences as an entrepreneur in her journey with Wonder Abacus.

Wonder Abacus

Hi Sriparna, glad to have you with us today in this session. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hi, I am Sriparna, the managing partner as well as Technical Head of Wonder Abacus. I am a Masters in Food & Nutrition and tried to do something in this field when I went to Canada. But ordering transcripts, obtaining references etc were taking too much time and I decided to change my career, so I started teaching Abacus in a reputed institute there.

I am physically and mentally strong enough to do work under pressure and also adaptable. I always put my best effort to achieve desirable goal. Interacting with different people and learning so many things from them is just like my hobby.

Tell us about Wonder Abacus.

Wonder Abacus is a skill development program that helps children in building their skills through abacus system and logical math. The courses are designed in such a way that students can develop their concentration, listening skill, creativity, presentation skill and many more. The blending of Abacus and the Logical math makes children strong enough to face any complex mathematical as well as analytical problems. The unique method of teaching along with well-designed course structure has made Wonder Abacus different from others.

The objective of Wonder Abacus is to spread the product to all places including the suburb and rural sectors of West Bengal.

What inspired you to start such an institution?

While teaching Abacus in Canada, I realized the need to spread this in West Bengal. In our state there is a huge lack of skill development and introducing this program would help children to compete themselves worldwide and that was my initial thought which motivated me to start Wonder Abacus.

What are the sources of fund? How much funding went into it till date?

It is completely my family funding and till date we funded almost 5 Lakhs Rupees in this venture.

How big is your team?

We are just a start up and we have 6 team members right at this moment.

How beneficial is abacus for kids?

Abacus is extremely beneficial for kids. Through abacus a kid can enhance their Speed, Accuracy, Memory skill, Presentation skill, Judgement skill and many other important skills. So eventually they become very strong not only in math but in every subject.

Wonder Abacus

What are the feedback of the parents?

Parents are very happy with this program. They started observing the positive difference of their child after few months of learning our curriculum.

You took part in a business reality show recently. How was the experience?

It was really amazing. Pitching in front of camera was something incredible experience. I came across with many renowned persons and learned so many new things.

Wonder Abacus

How will you use that prize money?

I would spend my prize money on awareness program about Abacus throughout West Bengal.

What are the present challenges in this business?

Presently we are experiencing difficulty penetrating in the rural market due to the budget constraint of the parents.

What measures do you take to overcome them?

We are working on a different model for the rural sector where we are using revenue maximizing policy as opposed to profit maximizing because the customer base is highly sensitive to price.

Where do you wish to see Wonder Abacus in 2020?

I would like to see Wonder Abacus as the only choice of every kid in West Bengal.

And, one last question Sriparna, if you have had one wish…

I wish Govt of West Bengal approves this curriculum officially and make this a compulsory activity of every Govt School.

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