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About Rishav Dokania, Co-founder of Bagkart

Rishav Dokania is an young entrepreneur from the Indian state of West Bengal. He was only 20 when he incorporated Bagkart along with his friend Aayush Kedia. Rishav who is still in his final year of graduation is also a certified NSE capital market professional. The young entrepreneur calls himself a dreamer and with a big dream he says, “We look forward to replace plastic carrying bags from the market. We want to be a leader in the sustainable packaging space in coming 5 years.” Today, in this session, we have Rishav with us to share the inspiring story of his startup Bagkart.


Rishav, why did you choose to become an entrepreneur at such a young age?

I always wanted to be a entrepreneur but my parents insisted on completing my education or to say get a degree before stepping out. But, I had a keen interest in business, was always fascinated by seeing the advertisement of  big brands, how they sell it and market their product. A real time imagination used to run always at the back of my mind, a 5 hours of study always haunted me. I started working with a manufacturing company of non woven bags. The problems, the gap in the market actually was an opportunity for me and Bagkart evolved from there on.

Tell us about your startup venture Bagkart. When did you launch it? Who are the core persons of your company?

We have been working since august 2015. We provide with end to end solution to design, print, manufacturing & advertisement of non woven bags which are completely eco friendly. We would be soon starting with paper and jute as well.

Aayush Kedia is the other Co-Founder and he will be graduating from SRCC this year .

Krishnendu Das has been a mentor, a guide for me at each step that I take and always motivates me to rise high.

What motivated you to start such a venture?

Cottage industry is an unorganized industry which has a huge potential of getting organised. Plastic being banned we have a perfect substitute. Apart from it, we have the most effective form of advertisement. There are small manufacturers who don’t have a perfect channel to market their product. They also lack the technical expertise of designing and content advertisement. That is  where we come in to organize them and market their products.

How did you fund your business?

We are currently bootstrapped.

Who are your customers?

  1. Textile Manufacturing Units.
  2. Manufacturing Units (Redundant).
  3. Retail Shops (Retailers and Wholesalers).
  4. Wholesale Shops.
  5. Hotels.
  6. Sweet Shops.
  7. Electrical Equipment Industry.
  8. Bathroom Fitting Industry.
  9. Beverage Industry.
  10. Shoe Industry.
  11. Food Industry.
  12. Advertisement Purposes.
  13. Anyone else who uses plastic bags for customers.

How big have you grown since inception?

We started off with the offline model. By 1st week of March, 2016 Bagkart will be online.

How big you wish to become in the coming 5 years?

The vision is to innovate new eco friendly and sustainable packaging product while organizing the whole cottage industry. We also look forward to replace plastic carrying bags from the market. We want to be a leader in the sustainable packaging space in coming 5 years.

How do you promote your company?

Mainly through events, social media, blogs. Recently, we were featured in the top 40 finalist of Zee Egiye Bangla and it was a big achievement for us.


What gives you competitive edge over your competitors?

Well, e-commerce on bags will be the very first site to be launched in India but there are other marketplaces like Tradeindia, Indiamart etc which facilitates the connection between buyers and sellers of these bags.

What we do and they don’t?

But, we provide you with end to end solution.

We design the content of the advertisement.

You just have to come to us, tell us about your business. We guide you to choose the right option and there you go, you will get the bags in your  premises.

We also advertise, brand advertise on these bags and we circulate them in right market with your advertisements.

And, one last question Rishav, if you have had one wish…

I wish I could be a CA as my mother always wanted me to be one.


Website of Bagkart (Scheduled to be fully functional on March 2016): www.bagkart.co.in

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