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Till date, we have featured numerous stories in our website where we have seen many people turned their passion into a successful profession. Today, we are adding one more name to that list. We have with us in this session Sweta Kumar, the person whom we are referring to. Sweta is a passionate home baker from Kolkata. Her love for baking gave birth to her venture Sweta’s Bakes in the year 2013. She loves to do everything “Dil Se” which reflects in her creations.

Let us take this session forward and see what Sweta has to say about her journey as a successful home baker.


Hi Sweta, welcome to our platform conflating Visions. Would request you to say a few lines about you.

Myself Sweta Kumar married to Abhishek Kumar with two loving daughters. I am Masters in Botany and an artist who loves painting, as it is my hobby. I have put up few exhibitions in Kolkata also.

But when it comes for baking, it is my passion it is my love. It gives me energy and I feel special with each and every creation of mine.

I can bake day and night without getting tired. Actually I love cooking whatever it is.

I started baking at the age of 21 after my marriage and it was just for my friends and family.

But things did not stop here. People around me started liking my baked food and asked me to teach them as well. So the journey of workshop started. I conduct workshops on baking and all kinds of food.

What inspired you to bake?

Cooking has always been my passion and I started to grow a passion for baking at the age of 21. Since then I have been experimenting with flour and eggs as I have never taken any professional training for baking cakes from anywhere, all the recipes I use are my own, and my family and friends have loved it. 3 years back after my friends and family forced me to take my passion for baking a step ahead, I started baking as a Home Baker as I wanted Kolkata to taste cakes which were made not only of flours and eggs, but instead its core ingredient was love and pure ingredients.

Tell us about your venture Sweta’s Bakes.

I always loved baking for my family and friends because it is my passion but my friends and family inspired me to take this a step ahead and take it up as a profession. I am very happy because I made my passion my profession. This is how Sweta’s Bakes became a reality.


What are the signature items of Sweta’s Bakes?

Red Velvet cake, fresh fruit cakes, fruit tarts and Nutella Breads are something special.



How important is creativity in these baking businesses?

Now-a-days uniqueness, creativity and good presentation is very important in baking businesses. My main focus is the quality of the baked goods and incorporating imagination by having a separate part to design the ordered cake. The most important things are the icing, frosting and toppings part.

How do you keep your creativeness refreshing?

As in now-a-days looks and presentation matters a lot, so my artistic part helps me to create unique and creative theme cakes.

I try to enhance my artistic magic with fondant design in each of my ordered cake. The more it looks delicious the more you can attract your customers. My main focus is to satisfy and improve the customer experience and keep tracking between the desired and delivered experience.


Narrate some of your success stories.

I never thought of getting into business. Though cooking was my passion I loved baking and cooking for my friends and family. And their appreciation use to make me feel happy.

My baking journey started when my elder daughter Anoushka at the age of four came back from a birthday party and said I want my birthday cake baked by me. And since then it became my part of life. All parties and get together Sweta’s Bakes became a part. And yes I would like to thank my friends who forced me to start this as a business. My husband and my two loving daughters always encouraged me to do something new.


What are you future plans for growth?

I want to run my own baking store from both physical and online platform in future and selling baked goods to customers. Moreover, I want to come up with an institute where I can teach them the easiest and fastest way of cooking as I do in my workshops.

How do you promote Sweta’s Bakes?

I have started my baking business from home. As of now I do not have any website or business cards. For me the word of mouth and friends network help me a lot to promote my business. I just keep posting my baking goods on Sweta’s Bakes – my Facebook page on a regular basis and that is how it works.

Your advice to those who want to take up baking as a profession?

When it comes to baking accuracy is everything. Once you got the interest, right tools and proper knowledge then it the prime time to take up baking as a profession.

One simple funda is do everything “DIL SE”. Working professionally can make you money but if you work “DIL SE” it will give you pleasure and satisfaction. You can connect with your customers and can build a good relation.


Anything else you want to share with us.

If you want to go long way never compromise with the quality. Serve people what you serve to your family. I make sure that my baked food should have the touch of home cooked food.

And one last question of the session, if you have had one wish.

If I am asked for a wish, I would say “God I want the whole world to taste my baked cakes and food.”

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