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It was 2014 when the idea of launching an e-tailoring service came to Shikha Sinha’s mind after she moved from Delhi to Bangalore. She saw the absence of quality stitching services as an opportunity. To exploit the existing opportunity, Shikha along with Binay Kumar Sinha decided to launch their own venture fabstitch. The ideas were soon transformed into reality and the journey started in January 2015. This startup presently operates in Bangalore. It aims to provide hassle free and professional tailoring experience at one’s doorstep. Today, we have Shikha with us in this session. She tells us about fabstitch and shares her experiences as a successful entrepreneur.


Hi Shikha, glad to have you with us today in this session at conflatingVisions. Please tell us a few lines about you.

I am a MBA graduate, done my MBA in finance & marketing in 2007. Prior fabstitch, I have worked with Barclays, HUL, Capgemini etc.

What is fabstitch? What is its working model? is an online tailoring/stitching/alteration services whose aim is to provide hassle free and professional tailoring experience at your doorstep. It’s a B2C model.


Who are the core members behind fabstitch?

My entire team includes IT Head, Marketing Head, Designers and Tailors and every one is a core team member for me.

What were the challenges you faced launching your venture? How did you overcome them?

I started it with an initial budget of INR 10000. During the initial days, it was really tough to get in touch with the customers asking for stitching services which is online, many issues we faced which includes searching for the best boutiques in the city, good tailors etc. When the customer books an order, a fabstitch representative travels to customer’s place for the measurement and fabric pick up, so they directly interact with the customer(s), so the initial issues were to train them ethically and professionally. But now they are in shape up where almost issues are cleared and we are running this venture with a tie up of several boutiques across Bangalore also we are starting our first warehouse in Bangalore.

How do you build a successful customer base?

Until and unless your outcome is not good, your customers can’t be happy at all. And in our case the outcome is perfect fit and delivery on time. Our USP is quality product and Delivery on time and this helps us to grow our customer base rapidly, every month we are adding 1000+ new customers to our list and this count is still increasing.

What keeps you motivated?

It’s undoubtedly customer’s feedback. We are trying our level best to provide the best services to our customers.

Share some of your success stories.

a) Nomination in Digital women awards.

b) got shortlisted for Nasscom 10000 Startup Programme.

Shikha, we know that ideas are most important for a business to sustain. How do you keep your ideas refreshing?

We keep ourselves updated with the current market trends, technology and fashions. Like we have added Alteration as one of our services in our bucket. We are coming up with our mobile app where we are launching new features which will be very convenient to the customers.

What are your future plans for growth?

We are looking out for investors, some talks are going on but not yet finalized. In the next 2 years we would like to expand across multiple cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, Cochin, Chennai, Kolkata etc.

Your advice to those who want to become entrepreneurs.

Always dream, think big and don’t wait, because this is the right time for a long jump. Just do it because if you are an entrepreneur then you will never fail, in fact daily you will learn new things.

And, one last question of this session Shikha, if you have had one wish…

I want to do something which makes INDIA proud.

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