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Revamp My Closet is another young child of the Indian startup space founded by Aashish Katta and Samridhi Agarwal. This Bangalore based startup commenced its operations in 2015 with an objective of making fashion affordable to all Indians. With the help of the Revamp My Closet platform one can easily buy and sell gently used apparels and accessories. Today, in this session, we have with us Samridhi to tell us about their entrepreneurial journey with Revamp My Closet.

Revamp My Closet

Hi Samridhi, we are so happy to have you with us today in this session at conflatingVisions. Please tell us about yourself and your co-founder.

Aashish Katta

2011 graduate from IIT Roorkee. Have experience in building scalable & high performing systems at Ibibo for their e commerce vertical and then at retail analytics company Boomerang Commerce. Enjoys playing football, reading books and watching movies in leisure time.

Revamp My Closet

Samridhi Agarwal

Masters of Fashion Management, NIFT. Have 2 years of experience in buying & merchandising with the apparel giant Arvind Lifestyle Brands Pvt Ltd. Expertise in garment manufacturing, assortment planning and retail buying. Has a creative bend of mind and enjoys photography, cooking and freelance creative projects.

Tell us about your entrepreneurial venture Revamp My Closet. What is the working process?

Revamp my closet is a platform to buy & sell gently used apparels and accessories (Because your maid doesn’t appreciate that Calvin Klein jumpsuit). Revamp My Closet is pretty awesome because:

  • Our customers pay a much lesser price for their favorite brand outfit that has been gently used and refurbished to look like-new.
  • One can sell their gently used clothes for cash with just one click and no hassles.
  • The ultimate solution – One can buy and resell after wearing “the dress” enabling them to have an easy way to constantly explore varied looks. Without burning a hole in their pockets.

Revamp My Closet

Revamp My Closet

How did such an idea come to your mind?

One day, not very long ago, I stood and stared at the enormity of my closet. Being married for about a week, I wanted to give a fresh start to my wardrobe as well. The beautiful wedding dress, the ruffle blouse worn just once, the perfect LBD; I knew didn’t fit in my life anymore. But surely, there was someone who would treasure the things I no longer wanted, but how could I find them? Where could I easily and safely sell my things to other like-minded girls and instantly make money to buy different fashion?

Together searching those answers Revamp my closet was born.

Share the investment details.

We are currently bootstrapping the business.

What is the team size of Revamp My Closet?

The current team size is of 5 people. Most of the services we’ve outsourced.

How do you go about building a successful customer base?

Unlike other reselling sites Revamp My Closet doesn’t just provide the platform for sellers to list used clothing and for buyers to purchase it. Instead, it does all the heavy lifting, from buying the inventory from sellers, to sprucing it up and photographing it for its e-commerce site, to shipping it off to buyers.

By making the process of selling old stuff easier for sellers, we believe we can not only entice more people to sell their things online, but can also make the shopping experience more appealing to buyers.

What are some of the challenges in this business?

We feel that there is a significant population which is still skeptical while buying second hand clothes. We are trying to bring that change.

Apart from this, people often have unrealistic expectations for their clothes which they want to sell.

What measures do you take to overcome them?

We are helping in creating the change by educating people. We are personally interacting with them and making sure that all their doubts are dealt with.

We help them gain confidence in the products by providing free returns and giving them a seamless shopping experience.

Samridhi, what has been the best moment from your entrepreneurial journey so far?

The best moments are when we hear from our customers that how much they love Revamp My Closet. The fact that we’re able to bring some change through conscious consumption of fashion is quite satisfying!

What are your future plans?

To make sure women only have that stuff in their closets which they absolutely love helping all those fashion lovers become part of a new, more sustainable fashion life-cycle and reducing fashion’s environmental impact.

Apart from this we are planning expansions in new cities and new categories (wedding, luxury).

Your advice to those who want to become entrepreneurs.

Take the plunge!

And, one last question of this session Samridhi, if you have had one wish…

I would love to travel everywhere.

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