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Today in this session, we have a person with us who left his stable Central Government job of Indian Railways because he wanted to do something innovative. The bureaucratic organizational structure of the Indian Railways was preventing him to implement new ideas. Later on in his career, he also worked with several reputed MNCs at several locations to gain global exposure. However, his hunger to spread a little magic to other’s life was much more. He started a social enterprise named The Magic of Giving in 2014 to address few real life problems of our society. Meet Amitabha Gupta, the magician behind The Magic of Giving.

The Magic of Giving

Hi Amitabha, welcome to conflatingVisions. Please say a few lines about yourself.

Hi. This is Amitabha.. Amitabha Gupta. I am an MBA in Human Resource Management. I started my career with Indian Railways. Yes, that was a Central Govt secured job but because of the bureaucratic organizational structure it was very difficult to implement any new ideas. In order to explore the areas of uncertainty, I left Indian Railways. Later on I worked with few MNCs like GENPACT, Novartis Pharmaceuticals and also gained considerable global exposure while I was working at NJ, USA. Then I realized that Training is my passion and felt that through training and skill re-engineering I can contribute to the society in a better manner.

At some point of my life’s critical and painful areas I was expecting someone to add little magic and resolve my issues but unfortunately that didn’t happen. That is why I decided to add little magic to the life of others in  small little ways as per my capability.

Please tell us about The Magic of Giving? What is the working model?

The Magic of Giving is a Social Enterprise aiming to re-engineer the skill sets of the unemployed youth and then providing them enough opportunities to show their talent in front of the corporate and thereby increasing employment rate which in turn improves overall economy. We realized that there are two specific gaps in the present employment market:

  1. Knowledge, Skill & Ability Gap: There are people who are eager to get a job but not having required KSA – Knowledge, Skill & Ability:
  2. Motivational Gap: There are people who are having required KSA – Knowledge, Skill & Ability but are not motivated enough to go for some specific Company, Industry or career.

So, our major area of activity is on minimizing these two GAPS by organizing several skill re-engineering workshops in different parts of the West Bengal.

Our 2nd Activity is organizing Job-Fairs in different parts of West Bengal and help unemployed youth to get suitable jobs. We invite 20-25 companies on a single day in a specific venue where all the job seekers of those locations remain present. The candidates who participates in our Skill Re-engineering workshops always have an edge to crack the interviews.

Our 3rd activity is CSR Coordination. Here we generate wish list from different NGOs about their requirements (Any Material Requirement not Money). We then distribute the Wish List among the Students of various Institutes and different corporate (Presently we are working with TCS-BPS, Kolkata) and gather all the required materials to fulfill the wish list and distribute the same among the stakeholders directly by conducting different events.

Till now all our services are free of cost. And will be completely free forever for all the Job Seekers or the people who want to re-engineer their skill sets.  But for corporate we will be charging basic service fees for our services.

The Magic of Giving

The Magic of Giving

What inspired you to take such an initiative?

Presently, I am working with Swami Vivekananda Group of Institutes as an Asst.Professor. Dr.Nandan Gupta, Director of our Group always encourage me to do something innovative which can be beneficial for the society as well.  TMG – The Magic of Giving was started as a Facebook Group in 2014. The Group Members used to discuss about different social problems like unemployment, poverty, illiteracy etc and their probable solutions. Then in October 2014 we decided to move out of the digital social platform to real life social platform.

Helping others to grow is the philosophy of our initiative. At the end of the day, I can have a peaceful sleep if I can recollect the ways I have been able to help others to grow.

So it is mainly the Constant Inspiration from Dr.Nandan Gupta and my passion to do something good for the society which inspired me to launch The Magic of Giving to add little magic to the life of others.

Who were the founding members? What is the composition of your present team?

Amitabha Gupta, Dr.Nandan Gupta (Mentor).

All the activities are managed by Interns of MBA Colleges who are working as volunteers.

The Magic of Giving

What are the sources of fund?

Till now all the expenses are incurred by Swami Vivekananda Group of Institutes. But from April 2016 we will be charging Service Fees from the Corporate.

With our last 1.5 years of quality services towards corporate by providing them trained manpower, we have been able to create a pool effect in the market. Now the corporate are approaching us to participate in our events.

Please share some of your success stories.

Till now we have conducted 17 Job Fairs where 3000 candidates have participated and 785 candidates have got suitable jobs. We conducted 10 Skill-Re-Engineering Workshops for the youth. We have coordinated 6 CSR Events in association with TCS-BPS-Kolkata.

Recently we have participated in the following events:

  1. 9TH International Entrepreneurship Summit at IIM Calcutta.
  2. Kolkata Gives Philanthropic Event.
  3. Bhumi Orientation Program.

The Magic of Giving

The Magic of Giving

The Magic of Giving

What are your future plans?

We are in the process of discussion with Govt of West Bengal to spread our activities in different parts of West Bengal.

We are working to launch a Live Talk Show with HR managers of several companies in a Regional TV Channel. Here they will be discussing about their current requirement.  It will be a cost effective model for the Corporates as this Live Talk Show will act as a Source of Recruitment.

Any other information you want to share with us.

We are happy to announce that The Magic of Giving (TMG) is now official partner of Bhumi to carry out Social Development Projects in West Bengal in the following areas:
1. Civic projects
2. Right to Education Awareness
3. Traffic Awareness
4. Think Green
5. iCubed – Ideate, Implement, Inspire is an annual National Social Entrepreneurship competition for youngsters with the passion to change society as it is and shape a better tomorrow.
6. Joy to the World: Joy to the World is a programme that fulfills small wishes of children.
The Magic of Giving
The Magic of Giving
And, one last question of this session Amitabha, if you have had one wish…

I have a wish.. If I can have the authority to re-engineer the present Training & Development system of the unemployed youth so that I would be able to create a situation where every eligible youth should be having a decent job which could eliminate lot of social issues.

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