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Crazy Cake Lady is a home bakery based out of Kolkata. It is the brainchild of 2 friends – Anupama Ghose and Tiyashi Biswas who are still in college. They are presently 3rd year students of Psychology honors of Gokhale Memorial Girls’ College, Kolkata. These 2 friends who are extremely crazy about their passion for baking started their entrepreneurial journey in August 2015. Today, we have Tiyashi and Anupama with us in this session to share their story.

Crazy Cake Lady

Why did you name your venture Crazy Cake Lady?

One of our friends used to call us by this name. We found it interesting and named this bakery Crazy Cake Lady. Besides we believe that if you want to do something big you have to be crazy about your passion and as cake is one of the most delicious goods baked by us we opt for this name.

Tell us about Crazy Cake Lady to our readers.

If you want to taste something delicious and don’t want the same products we are here to serve you a unique combination of customized goods and guaranteed best quality of the food. Moreover, we always bake our products with happiness so you will always get the best from us.

Crazy Cake Lady

Crazy Cake Lady

Crazy Cake Lady

Crazy Cake Lady

What motivated you to start baking?

As both of us are foodies and have cravings for sweets especially chocolates we thought of opening our own bakery where we can show our own creativity and can experiment.

How do you operate at present?

Presently we bake at our homes and have the facility of home delivery. So people can order us by phone, Whatsapp or even through our websites and Facebook page and we serve our products to their doorsteps.

What makes you different from your competitors?

Nowadays everyone is experimenting but as we have found out that there are just few in Kolkata who have the facility of home delivery and we are one of them. Moreover, we can even customize stuffs according to our customers’ wishes. I think these are some unique points we have.

What are the present challenges in your business?

As we are third year college students we are facing problems in entertaining the urgent orders. However, if customers can order us prior to two-three days it is really helpful.

How big is your customer base?

Its huge as we have managed orders from 8 years to 80 years.

Crazy Cake Lady

Crazy Cake Lady

Do you believe the startup ecosystem in Kolkata is improving? How do you compare it with other cities like Bangalore, Mumbai or Hyderabad?

Well we do believe the startup ecosystem in Kolkata is improving. Though compared to other cities Kolkata is still lagging behind. Nowadays there’s a lot of improvement in the whole scenario.

What are your future plans for growth?

As we have not attended any proper workshop we are planning to do some courses so that it can help us in the technical field.

What is the most important factor for a startup to become a success?

You have to have that passion within you for whatever you are doing. You have to have a goal and to reach to that goal you have to give your best. No matter how difficult the situations may be.

And, one final question if you have had one wish…

Tiyashi says, “If I have had one wish I would have met Mrs. Magpie and have a session like Coffee with Karan.”

Website of Crazy Cake

Facebook Page of Crazy Cake

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