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There is a famous saying, “Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire yoGoingWildu to build theirs.” In this fast paced century when most of us engage ourselves in building someone else’s dreams, 3 young talents from Kolkata decided to follow their passion to turn their dreams into reality. A company related to wildlife photography was their dream and GoingWild is the reality. They say, “Photographing Wildlife and adrenaline pump is synonymous. This rush and the tremendous biodiversity of mother earth offers immense opportunities to quench our thirst of clicking wildlife and give us many reasons for GoingWild.” Today, we have with us Soumyajit, one of the founding members of GoingWild and he will share their inspiring story with us.

Hi Soumyajit, nice to have you with us today. Please introduce your startup firm GoingWild to our readers. When was this started?

GoingWild LLP was formed on 10th Oct 2012 at Ramgarh, Kolkata – 47 as a partnership firm. We conduct Fixed-date Departure Wildlife Photography Tours, Customized Wildlife Tours and Photography Workshops.

Who are the main persons behind GoingWild?

Soumyajit Nandy (Architect by qualification, 8 years job-life, was working as Manager (Projects) with Cafe Coffee Day), Tamanud Mitra (CS Engineer by qualification, 2.5 years job-life, was working as Jr. Product Specialist with CTS) and Dibyendu Ash (Electrical Engineer by qualification, 2.5 years job-life, was working as Jr. Product Specialist with CTS).


You all were involved professionally in some other field then what made you all choose this profession?

All three partners, leaving their well-settled jobs in the field of IT/Real Estate/Retail, wanted to become completely associated with wildlife and wildlife photography for rest of their lives. Combining the burning passion and a total of 25+ years of expertise in wildlife & wildlife photography, we formed this company where not only we can follow our dream, but also generate revenue from the work we do.



Soumyajit, how supportive was your family when you told them about starting this venture?

All our families were extremely supportive throughout our new venture.

We all know an entrepreneur’s life is always full of challenges, what are the challenges you have faced so far?

Our biggest hurdle was getting customers for our tours. Starting with only 4 tours in the first financial year, now we are conducting 4-5 tours every month on an average.

How did you get your first customer?

Our first customer was one among our friend circle.

How many photo trips have you completed? And, how many customers have availed your service so far?

We have completed around 65 photo tours where we have catered to around 150 customers from all around the globe.


Soumyajit with guests

Any experience from the photo tours that you want to share with us.

Late December 2015, during one of our Sundarban Wildlife Photography Tours, there was a tiger sighting which lasted for 4.5 hours, which is not an everyday affair in a place like Sundarban. This event will remain etched in all our guest’s memory for the lifetime. Quite a lot of images were made during the sighting. The big male walked with our boat, all along the river bank for almost 10-12 kms. In the process it swam across few canals and jumped across the dry mudflats. The hungry fellow was always in a lookout for some food and we saw him scavenging on some leftovers too. Finally after the grand walk, it sat inside the thickets, still visible to the onlookers.



What are your plans to scale up the growth of GoingWild?

To showcase the beauty of our natural history to the entire world by engaging more and more foreign clients, to help establish wildlife photography as a main-stream profession, diversification to establish GoingWild as a major hospitality brand, conservation of nature and upliftment of local communities staying around the forests.

Name three favourite destinations you have visited so far.

Sundarban, Corbett and Sikkim.

A dream destination you want to visit…


You were recently a part of a business reality show. What were your experiences there?

The platform of Egiye Bangla is the first major success we have achieved so far. This platform will help tremendously for the visibility of our company. The sessions in IIMC too will help us to shape our business in a better way.


And one final question Soumyajit, if you have had one wish…

GoingWild to be known as a major brand in the global platform.


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