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There is a famous quote made by eminent American writer cum journalist, Ernest Hemingway, “There is no friend as loyal as a book.” Many times in this material world you may come across situations when your friends and loved ones leave you. Even, after death, the soul will leave your lifeless body. It is knowledge which stays forever, and books are undoubtedly the best means to record knowledge. Every educated person of any country knows very well the importance of books in building a strong nation. Today, we are going to tell you another inspiring story involving books, more precisely, “A wall full of Books.” In November 2014, a noble mission named Wall o Books was kicked off by Sanjukt K. Saha, Founder and Managing Director of One Billion Minds and Swastika Gurung, a social entrepreneur.

Later on, other team members of One Billion Minds joined in to make the mission Wall o Books successful.

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The Inspiring Journey of Wall o Books

Sanjukt, an alumnus of IIT Kanpur, considers Wall o Books as the project of his life. The project which is an initiative of Crayons of Hope Foundation (founded in 2013), aims at providing access to books to those children of the country who comes from a low earning family. The most amazing part of the mission is actually the way which Sanjukt and his team chose to accomplish their goals. They selected “Walls” to give shape to their mission. You may interpret a wall as a barrier, or you may also call it as your defence. Project “Wall o Books” is helping children to educate themselves by breaking the evils of barrier existing between them and knowledge. After all, if you have the knowledge, you can defend yourself against all the odds of life. With the help of children, the team of Wall o Books build libraries of a different kind for every 100 children. According to Sanjukt, “We take a wall, put a simple, cool and innovative bookshelf made out of an empty gunny bag on it, and start off a tiny, big library with 100 books for 100 children.” The young library members themselves appoint a librarian from one amongst them. Children may read as many books as they can, they can also take them to their homes and their fellow librarian ensures that no book is lost. Presently, Wall o Books mission has added wings to dreams of 10000 children of Kolkata. Sanjukt and Swastika are optimistic to reach 29000 children through his mission in the coming years and has plans of creating 100 such libraries in all states of India.

Wall o Books is an inspiring experience, and it’s a perfect example of an attempt in bringing a change by doing things differently.

Wall o Books

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