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Business ideas these days have changed quite a lot. The increasing use of technology in the business models of companies is the actual “Secret Mantra”. World Wide Web (www) was surely one of the biggest things which happened in the last decade of the Nineteenth century. Many companies to mark an early presence in the digital world started developing their company’s website. Now in the year 2015, almost every company has a website. However, things are again changing.

Companies are presently focussed on developing mobile applications to reach everyone’s hands. Mobile apps may not be anything new and we know well that even in the last decade there were apps which were mainly developed to run on smart Symbian phones or any other Java based phones. Such apps have now become a story of the past. The concept of use of mobile applications by companies has changed with the introduction of a new Operating System by Google in the year 2009. The OS, which was named Android, was an instant hit because of the user-friendly interface it offered. Moreover, the prices of Android-based smartphones were much less compared to the already existing smartphones. As such devices gained popularity, many companies acted smartly and dived into making applications which would represent their presence in everyone’s palms. Now companies are also developing apps for Windows and iOS based devices.

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In present times, almost every banking institution has a mobile application which is an exact replica of its website. You are no longer required to log in to their website to perform monetary transactions. Instead, if you have an app of your bank installed on your device, you can easily go ahead making such transactions in much less time.

Let me highlight some more examples. Leading e-commerce companies which started selling various products online using their websites is presently more focussed in selling them through their mobile apps. Customers of such portals also find such applications to be user-friendly and purchase of items can be done following some simple clicks. Some e-commerce companies even went further ahead and closed down their operations from websites. Myntra is one such Indian company which moved to an app only platform recently. Another Indian e-commerce giant, Flipkart, which acquired Myntra last year, announced that it will provide its services only through mobile applications in near future.

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Mobile App interface of Amazon, India

Major players of the online cab service providers are making smart use of their mobile apps. Companies like Uber, Ola, Meru, etc have remained successful in connecting its drivers with the customers.

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Mobile App interface of Uber Cabs

As per various market researches, a considerable high proportion of web traffic is coming from the applications rather than from the web. This is a clear indication that mobile apps are surely not going to fade away in near future.

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