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India has made big strides in the field of technology and Indians have always remained ahead in early adaptation of cuttingRik MindHour edge technology. Kids are also getting smarter. For instance, my nephew at the age of 2 was well versed in using a laptop! He is presently 7 and can operate almost any smart phones, tablets or laptops without any help. Even sometimes, he guides me in operating new, complex applications. New generations are way ahead than us. They have better proficiency in learning new things compared to us when we were kids. However, education system needs a reform in India. It is painful to see that the weight of the school bags is on rise and it brings stress and fatigue to the school goers. Many things may have taken the digital form; physical books may have been replaced by electronic books (e-books), however, introduction of digital systems and electronic gadgets in education is far from proper implementation. This is where Kolkata based start up firm MindHour is concentrating. The firm which is the brainchild of a group of techies was incorporated last year. It was launched for everybody in April 2015 after extensive research processes.

Since, most of the schools of the country still follow the primitive ways of delivering education, at times learning becomes a difficult and monotonous task. The kids who can efficiently operate complex gadgets, the same kids fail to solve simple mathematical problems. This happens because of lack of interest and concentration. MindHour exactly fit into this place. According to Varun Choudhury, one of the founders of the company, they wanted to build a digital platform where school goers would remain motivated to studies in the same way they get motivation to play. MindHour presently offers curriculum based adaptive learning questions for students of classes VI to X of CBSE and ICSE boards. The company is growing in a big way. Since inception, it has managed to register close to 10,000 users on its website. However, it needs funding to grow even bigger. Somya Agrawal, another founder and wife of Varun, heads the Content Development Cell of the company. As of now under her able guidance, MindHour has more than 25,000 questions in its database. Somya has roped in a large network of students presently studying in the IITs to create the contents as freelancers. This ensured quality contents at comparatively cheaper prices.


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Sumit Marda, another founder who jointly holds the CEO position of MindHour, is a serial entrepreneur. Before MindHour happened, he successfully ran MOOZ, a pulp based fruit drink manufacturing company for rural India. Sumit aims at building a sustainable business with MindHour. Answering questions rightly leads to earning of points. The company partnered with several online portals and restaurants where students can redeem their points against attractive gifts and mouth watering dishes. His wife Swati Maheshwari, is also a founder member of the edutech start up. She is in charge of the Customer Delights department.

MindHour is an inspiring experience who wants to become an entrepreneur. The two couples behind the start up again proved that if you choose the right path to reach your goals, success is not far away!

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