Meet the Youngest Entrepreneurs of India who created Go Dimensions

India, over the past few years, has always remained ahead in producing talents. There are many inspiring stories around us which help us in building ourselves. The tale behind Indian mobile app development company “Go Dimensions” is one such inspiration. Go Dimensions stand unique because of its two architects who are still in their middle school and when the company was formed in 2011 their ages were only 10 and 12! The founders, who actually are brothers from a Kumaran family of Chennai, have bigger plans.

The journey of the founders of Go Dimensions so far

Shravan Kumaran (presently 14) and Sanjay Kumaran (presently 12), co-founders of Go Dimensions, are probably India’s youngest entrepreneurs. The tech savvy brothers first developed a gaming application Catch me Cop to run on iPhone and iPads. The application was an instant success for the newly formed company. Since then the Kumaran brothers have developed numerous popular applications for both android and iOS based smartphones. Some of their applications include Alphabets Board (meant for Kids to learn alphabets), Color Pallette (meant for kids to learn various colors) and Prayer Planet (a game for peoples belonging to different communities).

Sanjay (left) and Shravan (Right) the founders of Go Dimension

Sanjay (left) and Shravan (Right), the founders of Go Dimensions

Sanjay, who holds the CEO position in Go Dimensions, once said that he dreams of a day when majority of the mobile phones of the world will run their applications. When most of the start up companies of the world fails to attract investors, the scenario isn’t the same with Go Dimensions. The young company has already been approached by top notch Venture Capitalists for funding. However, all of them were turned down.

Shravan, the President of Go Dimensions, has reportedly got job offers from some of the leading IT companies of the world. But, he plans to take the other way to make Go Dimension huge. The brothers are presently looking to expand further to reach more users.

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