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We live in a world now where presence of internet has turned into a matter of necessity. There were times when we were much behind the developed nations of the world in terms of adapting the cutting edge technology. Those days are now gone. Indians have become smarter and the citizens of the country are amongst the early adaptors of new facets of the technological innovations taking place across the […]

Start-up journey of NIT, Rourkela’s

Green Taxi 2 1
No cab driver of the country thought the way Dhananjay Chakraborty of Kolkata did. The 40 year old yellow cab driver from the City of Joy is different from other cab drivers of the country because of his green initiative. If you ever come across a yellow taxi in Kolkata with a roof top garden installed on it be sure it is being driven by Dhananjay. However, he is not […]

Green Taxi – The yellow cab with a Rooftop Garden from Kolkata

Swiggy 1
During the last weekend, I was thinking if I can have the best momos of Kolkata from Denzong Kitchen delivered at my home. I was in no mood in sacrificing my lazy hours to go out, wait in a queue outside the restaurant for 30-40 minutes until the turn comes to satisfy my taste buds with the mouth watering dishes. However, Denzong Kitchen didn’t have any home delivery facilities. A […]

Swiggy, the start-up which delivers your favourite foods at home

Kumbh Nashik Susobhan Aich 2
“Travel always fascinated me and I try to capture the moments that I face when I travel. Due to the hectic schedule of my daily life, I cannot visit much places. This time, I was lucky to visit Nashik for the holy Kumbh. One day while flipping through the pages of a newspaper, I came across the news about Kumbh and decided to make a visit during the Holy occasion. […]

The ultimate Kumbh experience at Nashik

Babar Ali 2
Education is a basic necessity for all. It helps you in living a better life. If the citizens of a country are educated, they can easily bring out ways to become self-sufficient. Educated citizens can take right decisions themselves without any influences. An economically independent society is the stepping stone to combined productivity which eventually leads to the economic growth of a country as a whole. Education is, therefore, the […]

Babar Ali – The man who started a School when he was 9!

Divyam Ramji Mehrotra Weddingrams by Kreatrix
“I cannot imagine a picture without a person in it” – Divyam Ramji Mehrotra A wedding is a very special day. It marks the start of journey of 2 love birds together. Photographs of a wedding is always a necessity and photographing the right moment at the right time brings out a story. And, the beautiful stories when presented in the form of a series helps create a valuable record, […]

Innovation is the key to progress – Divyam Ramji Mehrotra

Rounak Agarwal
The recent explosion in the internet industry has led to some of the major developments across the globe. It gave birth to several ideas and business models. At present, most of the companies incorporated after 2005 is entirely dependent on internet. Coupled with the technological advancements, internet is fostering the entrepreneurship ecosystem. India has always remained ahead in producing entrepreneurs and what amazes the most is some of the start […]

Rounak Agarwal’s entrepreneurial journey with

Kartik Sawhney 1
Kartik Sawhney, a Delhi based boy, always wanted to study engineering from a prestigious institution of the country. To fulfil his dreams, he even worked hard and scored 96 percent in his CBSE Class 12 examinations. Inspite of having exceptional academic qualities, Kartik was barred from writing the examination of IIT-JEE in the year 2013 because he was visually impaired and the authority didn’t have any facility for such students. […]

Blind Indian teen Kartik Sawhney who exposed India’s Education System

India is a powerhouse in producing talents. Many among such talents find it safe to get employed in a renowned corporate company. Some try for government jobs. Another chunk leaves the country and lands in the developed economies either for higher studies or for jobs in a respectable Multinational Company. And, the rest thinks to become their own boss and starts a new firm. This section of talents is called […]

Break the shackles of thought and encourage Entrepreneurship

Sandipan Mukherjee
We all know, photography is an art of observation. The person who finds something interesting in an ordinary place stands out. Sandipan Mukherjee is one such person. To him what matters most in the making a photograph is its composition and exposure. Photography gears comes next. He believes one can make a great photograph even with a simple camera. Over the past few years, Sandipan has progressed quite a lot […]

Walking on the lines of Photography with Sandipan Mukherjee

Avikk Parkour
From a simple boy of a small town, Durgapur to an international choreographer, the transformation journey of Avikk Parkour is like a dream ride for many. After graduating in Business Administration (BBA) followed by MCSE (Microsoft) Certification, Avikk secured a stable corporate job for himself. Previously, he served in IAF for three and half years while he was graduating. However, Avikk wanted to do something else and soon his job as […]

A session with Avikk Parkour who took Indian Dance Forms to the International Level

Fresh to Home 1
India is a big marketplace for any products and services. If somebody has a good idea, Indian market has the potential to make it bigger. Starting from groceries, medicines to electronic items and furnitures, one can purchase almost anything sitting at home. Yesterday, I was wondering if there is any online portal which deals in fish. I thought the idea which came to my mind is yet to be implemented […]

Fresh to Home – Now you can also Purchase Fish Online

Balachandra Tejaswi Bitra BBC 1
Balachandra Tejaswi Bitra is an established freelancer who make websites presently based out of Bangalore. He was born in a small town Tenali of Andhra Pradesh, spent most of his childhood days in Steel City Durgapur of West Bengal. Teja has learnt a lot from real life challenges and according to him they helped in his approaches. A regular 10-6 office job was not his cup of tea. He is […]

Meet Balachandra Tejaswi Bitra who make awesome Websites

Wall o Books 2
There is a famous quote made by eminent American writer cum journalist, Ernest Hemingway, “There is no friend as loyal as a book.” Many times in this material world you may come across situations when your friends and loved ones leave you. Even, after death, the soul will leave your lifeless body. It is knowledge which stays forever, and books are undoubtedly the best means to record knowledge. Every educated […]

Wall o Books – An Initiative of doing things Differently

Entrepreneurship, be it small or big, always serves as the backbone of a country. It addresses the unemployment issues prevailing in countries like India by creating new employment opportunities. Hence, entrepreneurship needs to be encouraged. There are few persons who believe in changing the world with their thoughts. Shubham Jain and Rashmi Singh are two such persons. Their entrepreneurial idea is an excellent example of out of the box thinking. […]

Meragarden – The story of a Digital Nursery